Through the vision of providing & delivering top fresh &healthy fruits and vegetables , ETIM was established .
ETIM has special, philosophy , mission & finally special code for success .
Our philosophy is to attitude is everything ,excite the customer every time , keep it fun ,deliver uncommonly superior quality , listen ,we can do anything , control your own destiny and together everyone achieves more .
Our mission is to excite our customers and earn their loyalty by delivering products of highest quality . We excite our customers with best services for each one we regard most precious to us
Meeting and exceeding customer expectations today consumers demand high quality, environmentally sound produce , at competitive prices with highest quality .
We at ETIM have actively sought to minimize the effect of our farming practices on the environment . By using natural processes wherever possible we minimize the use of expensive manufactured chemicals, and pass these savings on to our customers and the environment .
Our special code for success which many  European produce importers issue guidelines to growers to make sure they meet the needs of consumers . We found that these guidelines could be made firmer by making them specific to our company . hence, we become the first exporter which can meet the international demands

In the words of our chairman Ismail ABdel Aziz
"we do not talk too much but we work very much "